connect.ed (week7)

Better late then never they say!!!

I really enjoyed working on the four modules of cybersmart ( What a great tool to educate teachers how keep students safe online!

Students are using the internet more and more in everyday life now then what I did 10 years ago, during my schooling years.. This resource is so valuable to their safety, and we as educators must take precautions to ensure that they are using the internet for appropriate reasons. I really enjoyed the fictional social media simulation. This clearly shows you just how quickly a joke can escalate into something very serious.

I think all teachers should take part in these modules!


Third day of prac done!

The past three days have been a fantastic introduction into the primary school sector. My mentor teacher is amazing and I look up to her as a role model already. I thoroughly enjoy the way she handles her class, in a respectable manner, which is how I expect to be treated by my teachers. The students are lovely and call me Miss Monaghan, which still feels strange!

Alike blog post I have done little teaching, however have enjoyed observing and look forward to teaching more lessons next week..

I attended the ‘literacy planning’ session yesterday and I was able to suggest some fantastic ideas into their weekly lessons. I am teaching a lot of these in the next two weeks! Tomorrow I am using the classroom iPads with 6 children and we are doing “interactive maths” I am going to research some great counting apps tonight!

So far so good 🙂

CLEM Model & TIP Model

Let’s assume you encounter a brand new ICT while on Professional Experience. An ICT you’ve never used before. How are you going about learning how best to use that ICT to enhance student learning? This goes beyond learning how to use the ICT, it involves figuring out how best to use if for student learning. Just think about that? Do you have a plan?

To this question I would use the CLEM model to help me disguise a plan of attack for the new ICT I have discovered. The CLEM model will be my best friend during prac as I am looking forward to finding unique and different ICT’s I can include into the classroom. For me to find out If the ICT is enhancing students learning I will use the TIP model 🙂


After reading melissajhorne’s blog I noticed that she too is doing year 1/2 for her prac! I also am and would love any online eBooks which I can use in my teaching placement..

I am still unsure of what I am going to try and do, seen as this is my first EVER prac in a primary school so I am still understanding what it is they do and how they learn…. I am hoping to go into my placement with an open mind so I can adapt new skills and apply that to my teaching approach… Hopefully I can think of some fun and creative ICT’s to increate into my lessons 🙂 

Why ICT’s should be used in my year one classroom

 The past four weeks I have been engaged in many new ICT’S which I have never used before. At the start I will admit I was terrified, confused and angry that I had to remember all these passwords and usernames for all these different websites, but now I am thankful!

The following is a video I have produced which in my eyes a great online artefact which parents can view. This will extend their understandings on why ICT is important in their children’s classroom and how it assists their learning in all areas of the curriculum. My artefact may not be very flash but I believe it will send the message that ICT should be used in year one as it allows children to explore, discover & learn.. Click here for my Artefact

Fingers crossed the markers agree with my work!!